Portrait Daniel Hofmann

Daniel Hofmann

Kameramann & Thrash Metal Fan

Filmmaker Daniel has been an enthusiastic Thrash Metal fan since the mid-90s and has been behind the camera from childhood on. He’s had the idea for “Total Thrash” for many years. The fmovie was created as a fan project and out of a passion for Thrash Metal. Kreator and Sodom are his Thrash Metal heroes and his most favourite Thrash Metal song is Agent Orange. Total Thrash should be a film for fans made by fans.

Wie kam es zu der Idee von Total Thrash?

I actually had the idea for a very long time, just never had the time to take care of the project. I’ve been following the German Thrash Metal scene for years and there is no real documentary that deals with the scene and the fans. It is time for a change.

Bist du selbst Thrash Metal Fan? Wer sind deine Lieblingsbands?

Yes, otherwise I would hardly make such a film 🙂 It’s always difficult to talk about favorite bands. I always prefered the German sound like Sodom, Kreator, Deathrow and Violent Force. From America, I particularly like Nuclear Assault, Toxic Holocaust, Slayer and Megadeth. But there are also great things among the new young and wild bands, like Traitor, Pripjat, Ravager or Antipeewee. There is a lot of potential here and somehow that changes over and over again.

Wie bist du zum Thrash Metal gekommen?

Back then, I moved relatively quickly from classic heavy metal like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest to Kreator. It was during that time when Outcast and Endorama where shown on MTV. I couldn’t do anything with that. I got the old albums from the 80s and loved the raw and uncompromising sound. A few years later the cover of Violent Revolution was all around and I just thought that I must have that thing. Musically, I had expected something similar to that on the two previous albums, but then I was blown away from my sound system. I have been influenced by that album until today.

Was macht fĂĽr dich die Fansszene interessant?

It’s like a big family and it’s great fun to get to know the people around you. Through the movie I got to know so many incredibly nice people and I notice everywhere that they all stayed down to earth. That is a speciality of LIVE concerts in the scene, on the one hand there are the most intense concerts of people flying around and fat circle and mosh pits that you only have in Thrash Metal and on the other hand you have this unbelievably familiar character. Everyone helps each other, the next generation is supported and there is a sense of cohesion that is hardly anywhere else in the world. That is something very special and clearly pointed out in the movie.

Apropos Film: Was steckt hinter Total Thrash?

The film is intended to take the audience on a journey through time of the German Thrash Metal, in 3 chapters. In the last few years I had alook at a lot of documentaries and always asked myself why they only shed light on a certain time period and never show the entire development. Most times these documentaries have a focus on 2 or 3 bands. There are so many more aspects to find inside the scene and, from my point of view, it doesn’t make sense to focus only on the “big ones” in a movie. Total Thrash does not only focus on bands. The movie also shows the fan scene and the culture behind it, goes into important places of worship and gives an outlook on the international scene. The film should inspire a non-Thrash Metal fan too and pave the first steps into this world. It’s going to be a project of mine as a fan for all the fans out there.

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